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The Data Science Hub provides a MATCHPOINT service that matches domain and methods experts in data sciences. Through this service, researchers are matched with methods expertise to analyze their data. 


Business Forum

The Data Science Business Forum is an interdisciplinary research gateway connecting member companies with other companies and SDSC faculty and staff focused on a common research agenda. The goal of the Forum is to provide member firms a unique opportunity to access basic scientific and applied research underway in a federally funded, national supercomputer center, focused on data intensive, transformational research. This may include research that may be too-costly or too “far out” for corporate environments.

The Forum’s primary source of funding comes from corporate members whose businesses range from technology to advanced manufacturing, to life sciences, human longevity and genetic research, to telecommunications, law, insurance and regulatory organizations. A key value of the Forum is the ability for members to learn in a new space, including the exchange of novel ideas for the use of a single technology, or the convergence of many technologies. The Forum conducts an annual, industry intensive research review, and periodic SDSC-wide lectures and special events.


Industry Partnerships

Collaborating with industry provides the opportunity for exchanging the latest advances between the scientific community and commercial enterprise, creating vital connections between academia and the "innovation economy". SDSC has established a wide range of programs for establishing industrial collaborations including directed research, use of our high-performance computing systems, consulting and technical support, and focused centers of excellence in areas such as big data management and predictive analytics that are increasingly important to companies.



With massive amounts of data being collected and stored every day, the need to extract meaningful value and insights from all this information has become essential in numerous academic and industrial domains. Advanced analytical techniques and new computing paradigms are needed to process and analyze the data to achieve informed, data-driven decision-making across a wide variety of applications.  The DSH offers expertise in analytics and distributed computation for processing, analyzing, and leveraging the advantages that data can bring to academia, industry, and government.

Areas of expertise:

  • Machine learning 

  • Graph analytics 

  • Visualization 

  • Distributed computation 

  • Scalable approaches for big data 

  • Data-driven workflows for reproducibility 

Sample applications:

  • Machine learning applied to sensor data from weather stations for wildfire monitoring 

  • Deep learning applied to satellite images to detect affluence vs. poverty in populations

  • Graph and network analytics applied to 
diverse domain applications, including political sciences and cybersecurity


Big Data Platforms & Technologies

We develop technologies, systems and solutions to handle data with high volume, velocity and variety. Our expertise lies in managing and integrating data that may have a variety of formats and data models. We have expertise in capturing domain knowledge through ontologies and using ontologies to design data systems and to integrate data from different sources. We are developing a new polystore-based data management technology suitable for big data applications. Our data platforms can effectively manage and process real-time data that may come from social media or from IoT platforms.

Areas of expertise:

  • Complex Data Modeling 

  • Graph Data Management 

  • Polystore Design 

  • Semantic Data Integration 

  • Real-time Data Systems 

  • Knowledge-base Development with Ontologies 

  • Workflow Management

Sample applications:

  • Management of highly heterogeneous Social Data with the AWESOME Polystore 

  • Integration and  real-time processing of diverse geospatial data



  • Solutions oriented collaborations
  • Innovation partnerships
  • Training 
 & education