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Below you'll find a list of MATCHPOINT past, current and future projects. If you are a data scientist, you can find leads to interesting projects here. If you are a PI with a data science problem, create an entry so that people can find you. To see full project details and expert contact information, and to submit new projects or student applications, you will need to create an account on this site and login.

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Project Short Description Status Domain Expert Domain Expert Department Methods Expert Methods Student Funding Methods Student Openings Participating Students Last Date Updated
Discovering the Ocean Floor Using Data Science This project aspires to extend ocean exploration into the data dimension by utilizing modern and historic open-access data . We will apply machine learning techniques to ocean floor imagery to explore sea floor geology, ocean sediments, sea life and more! Active Vicki Ferrini Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Ilkay Altintas 1.00 2018-10-15
Predictive model of campus foot traffic We collect foot traffic data from phones in an area with our sensors. we make a predictive foot traffic model for the area using past data and elements that impact such as weather, day of the week, local events. Sensors are installed in Geisel and Biomed Library, RIMAC and Main Gym, and other locations. Active Nicholas Halverson None Peter Gerstoft no 4.00
  • Applications are closed
Machine learning for ocean sound sources and environment Using underwater sound pressure from active and passive sources to train machine learning models for various applications. Active Emma Ozanich Scripps Institution of Oceanography Peter Gerstoft no 2.00 2018-01-18
Histology Browser A web portal for viewing and annotating stacks of histology images. Active David Kleinfeld Physics Yoav Freund yes 0.50 2017-11-07
Whale classification from echo-localtion clicks. Develop a classifier of whale species using underwater recording of echo-location clicks Active John Hildebrand Scripps Institution of Oceanography Yoav Freund 1.00
  • Applications are closed
Online medical crowdfunding: Correlates of funding success Exploring the phenomenon of web-based crowdfunding for medical treatment. Active Cinnamon Bloss Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine 2017-05-15
Clinical NLP and Medical Note Analysis Clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP) to large corpora of medical notes. Active Chun-Nan Hsu Biomedical Informatics Julian McAuley no 2017-04-06
Global Bathymetry: Machine Learning for Data Editing Develop a machine learning algorithm to edit seafloor bathymetry soundings. Archived David Sandwell Scripps Institution of Oceanography Yoav Freund yes 1.00
  • Applications are closed
Honey Bee Waggle Dance Automate the analysis of videos capturing the honey bee waggle dances. Archived James Nieh Behavioral Ecology Yoav Freund no 2017-04-06