Centers of Excellence

Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA)

The Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) is a collaborative undertaking among organizations in the commercial, government, and research sectors aimed at promoting greater cooperation in the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure.

Center for Large-scale Data Systems (CLDS)

The Center for Large-scale Data Systems (CLDS) Research at the San Diego Supercomputer Center develops concepts, frameworks, analytical approaches, case analyses and systems solutions to address technical as well as technology-management challenges facing information-intensive organizations in the era of big data.



Sherlock, an offering of SDSC's Health Cyberinfrastructure Division, is a Center of Excellence focused on managed information technology, compliance, and data services for academia and government that spans many IT disciplines, including compliant cloud hosting, cloud security, and data management.

Synchrophasor Grid Monitoring and Automation (SyGMA)

The Synchrophasor Grid Monitoring and Automation (SyGMA) laboratory is a key player in the emerging technology on electric grid instrumentation and the research in this lab develops new data processing, modeling and model validation applications based on synchrophasor measurements for advanced grid monitoring and automatic control of electric networks.


Workflows for Data Science (WorDS)

The Workflows for Data Science (WorDS) Center of Excellence builds upon more than a decade of experience on building workflows for computational science, data science and engineering at the intersection of distributed computing, big data analysis, reproducible science, while fostering a collaborative working culture.