NoSQL Databases I Workshop

Every day large amounts of complex data is generated very rapidly by organizations, people, devices, and social interactions. Much of the data is used by machines and people for quick and complex decision making. NoSQL databases are ideally suited for use in these big data and real-time applications, because they are more scalable and perform better than relational databases, particularly when working with large volumes of rapidly changing data.

This two-day workshop at the San Diego Supercomputer Center will cover the principles and practices of NoSQL database systems and, through lectures and hands-on exercises, will present several different types of NoSQL systems used in the marketplace today.

This is a Modern Data Science Academy course. The Modern Data Science Academy provides workshops on current data science topics taught by leading SDSC researchers and practitioners.

Topics include:

  • Database management systems
  • SQL databases vs. NoSQL databases
  • Non-relational data models
  • Applications of non-relational data models
  • Key-value data systems
  • Column-family data systems
  • Document-oriented data systems
  • Semi-structured data systems
  • Text-oriented data systems
  • Graph-oriented data systems

Practical experience:

  • Write small programs and queries on each of the NoSQL software products discussed in class

Prerequisites: Prior programming experience in either Java or Python required. Familiarity with SQL required.

Software: Students must bring a laptop with at least 4 GB memory and Neo4j already installed.